The Lit Life | Ep. 01

In this Episode: Learn about who Amrita Lit is, what the novel Chasing Kismet is all about, and what you’re in store for if you subscribe to this podcast! It’s time to get L I T in a whole different way people…

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Amrita Literature

-Indo+Canadian (not minus) -Manager of Prabu Foods Inc. & Shahi Fashions by day -Social media soap box advocate by night.

3 thoughts on “The Lit Life | Ep. 01”

  1. I enjoyed reading your book and am looking forward to hearing more of your podcasts. I think that the topics that you address are important for indo Canadians across Canada to discuss.

  2. Chasing Kismet was an intense read, an important read I feel as it makes people aware of what goes on in Indian culture here in B.C. Not just BC however, in the UK too. I am from a sikh family born in the UK and grew up being hidden from a lot of my own family secrets which as an adult now I am still trying to uncover. So many aspects of life are just as you rightly said ‘swept under the carpet’ and sometimes this has a detrimental effect on those growing up in such an environment.

    Thank You for writing your book, I hope you will write more books in the future exploring differing issues, as they need to made more aware of in our society today and not everyone has the boldness to do so so Thank You. Please keep writing!

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