The Lit Life | Ep. 01

In this Episode: Learn about who Amrita Lit is, what the novel Chasing Kismet is all about, and what you’re in store for if you subscribe to this podcast! It’s time to get L I T in a whole different way people…

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Scaredy Cats Never Prosper 

You hear it all growing up. Live life with courage. Be your own person. You’re only young once. And it all goes in one ear and out the other. 
I was one of those kids that was sh*t scared of everything. My own shadow sent me screaming bloody murder the other direction. My parents and siblings encouraged me to toughen up and get out there, “be a normal kid.” But I just COULDN’T. 

I was too scared of the unknown, I felt I didn’t belong. I was anxious. Really anxious. All. The. Time. Nervous cute shyness soon grew into full blown social awkwardness. I kept guards up from people so they couldn’t get to know how “weird” I was. I just didn’t feel like I fit in. The more I distanced myself the more estranged from life I became. I never participated in any extra curricular activities. I never joined a sport and avoided any type of activity which would draw attention to me like the plague. Basically I wasn’t even living life. 
Then I met this outrageously outgoing and fun loving guy. My polar opposite. He loved doing crazy things. He loved being the class clown centre of attention kind of guy. He had a zest for life and made it his personal mission to spark mine up too. 

We dated and as many of you know we got married about a decade later. Well that too was me choosing the “safe” option. I got married before I even set my life up and carved out a individual identity for myself. Now instead of hiding behind my mom – I hid behind him. I was now an extension of him. I just swapped my family for his and carried on being an adult child. Not a good way to live – especially when you are now raising a child of your own. 
So getting married didn’t snap me out of this fear, as didn’t the protests of my family to make something of myself first. I might’ve been a pansy but I was a head strong pansy. I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I thought I could live happily being subordinate to others. That was a recipe for disaster. 

So where’s that bring us now? That brings me to finally finding something that’s mine. Literature. The love of words and all the power they hold within them. The ability for one excerpt from one well written phrase or one line from a movie to just transform your entire day. And that’s exactly what I set out to do with my fiction novel I am writing. Perhaps it won’t amount to anything – or maybe it’ll be everything. But I do know I don’t want to be afraid anymore. And that’s what this book is for me. It’s me getting myself out there. Without being so damn worried about what others think. 
So for me, the fact that I’m writing it makes it a huge success already. 

And to those who support me, thank you, you all are the ones who push me in the right direction. The direction of moving onward and upward. Not shying away or hiding from the “scary” and unknown. 
Thanks for all the support. And as soon as my books done I can’t wait for you all to enjoy it as much as I am enjoying pouring myself into it. 
Have a wonderfully restful Sunday.

– Amrita xox