Just Remember One Thing: Never Forget Your Roots!

My husband has this silly saying he occasionally repsonds with during conversation.

At first I dismissed it as just another try hard Tupac line I really had no interest in being enlightened by. But then he would somehow make it applicable to just about any scenario in which we were discussing someone with a out of this world ego, selfish persona, a individual who seems to have just “changed,” or anybody who thinks their too good for the colour of their own skin or where they come from.

That’s when I realized the value of ones roots — and how detrimentally devastating it can be to those around you (and even yourself) if you do in fact; forget your roots.

What it means to have roots and be proud of them is to know who you are and what makes you that way. It’s to take pride of the circumstances which have contributed the building of your character, values, and attributes.

Be those traits good or bad – you must pay homage to the foundation from which you have risen no matter where you end up in life.

This means you don’t simply allow people who were once your closest friends fall by the wayside and become mere acquaintances, you don’t forget to appreciate all that your parents and closest loved ones poured into you in order for you to be YOU. It means that no matter how wide your wings spread, or how far you may go in life – you always remember to appreciate your roots. The bits of you which still exist deep within your soul but you may not have the conscience morale to face and allow to still be visible to world.

It’s not about being bigger, better, and growing out of your past. It’s about learning to bring those parts of you into your present, and never allowing anything or anyone tear them away from you.

Integrity is seldom to come by these days. And I am so very proud to have a husband firmly grounded in his roots, so very so that they stretch into the ones being formed while we raise our son – creating a indestructible base for him to grow from.

So as you read this – I must ask you… When’s the last time you thought about who, what, and where you come from, and what’s holding you back from appreciating all of that?

One cannot excel to everything the world has to offer without flourishing from the inside out first.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems 

The other night my husband and I decided to do something we rarely give much thought to … make a budget plan. 

We wrote down all our expenses which consisted of our “necessities.” When it was all done the monthly total was a slightly ridiculous amount. Then I stopped and really looked at the list of things we typically spend money on – sure baby food is a necessity so that aside, some of the other stuff seemed rather unnecessary. They were more of material wants rather than needs. 

I mean surely I can live without my fancy Lush cosmetics right? Okay let’s not get crazy, no I can’t. That sh*t keeps me from breaking out like a hormone crazed teenager. 

But what dawned upon me is how everywhere you look there is news headlines of how it’s getting harder and harder to be successful and independent in today’s day and age. I read one particular news line which stated in order to even be a homeowner you need to be a millionaire. 

Well, actually, that’s not necessarily true in my opinion. One could find reasonable living accommodation if their goals were set to a more realistic standard. 

If we all stopped trying to live so far out of our means then perhaps we could live a stressfree easy going life. 

It would be as simple as working for how much we need and paying our bills and that would be that. No need to wish for more, need more, want more, and be devastated when you can’t have what you so very badly desire. 

It makes sense to think that people were generally happier when times were simpler. Before the days of iPads, smartphones, the need for extravagant nights out, and fancy cars – everyone just enjoyed being happy and healthy. 

Time spent with loved ones was what mattered most. An expensive bottle of wine next to a $50 streak wasn’t necessary in order to have the perfect date night. An evening in with a movie and copious amounts of popcorn would’ve done the trick. 

Maybe it’s time we all just stop living for the next big thing and soak in what we’ve got around us. Be grateful for what you have and perhaps you’ll realize that’s all you really need. 

What are your thoughts on frugal vs. extravagant living? Are you more of a “if you got it flaunt it type of person?” I feel as though Indo-Canadians get a lot of flack for following this type of way of living – living large that is. To each their own? Or do some changes need to be made? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! 

Speaking Words of Value

The other day I received a very kind message from a cousin on my husband’s paternal side of the family. She was encouraging me to write more blog posts as she found them enjoyable to read and thought I had a real knack for it. This message couldn’t have come at a better time as I was feeling really down on myself and as of lately wrapped up with emotions and anxiety about becoming a mother in the very near future.

Her words got me thinking – why is it that some people have the tendency to lift others higher, while others feel the need to only tear you down? It’s very rare to come across genuine and kind-hearted people these days. However, I realized that I grew up thinking that everyone always has everyone else’s best interest at heart. It’s a cold but hard truth to learn that oftentimes that really is not the case. Jealousy, bitterness, and grudges usually tarnish relationships among family members and friends alike.

I then started to wonder about what type of “vibe” I gave out to others. Sure over the last few years I have become rather recluse and closed myself off to close relationships with people as a result of the realization that most individuals just simply don’t care for your problems other than just being curious to hear your life is not the perfect image it appears to be. But was I guilty of this too? How many times a day did I see someone (usually via social media) with a better body than me, a seemingly better relationship, clearer complexion, fancier car, or a better career and I had negative thoughts towards them simply because of that?

Had society’s coldness towards me, froze my ability to feel good for others too? This tendency to speak negatively, or wish to bring others down, it becomes somewhat of a cycle then does it not? That’s the energy you put out to others – so that’s what you receive back, thus creating a rhythm of negativity and self-destruction. As I reflect upon what kind of child I wish to raise, and what type of values I wish to instill upon him or her I realize I must become more conscience of my words – and more attentive in my attempts to uncover why others may not be as kind as I think they should be.

Perhaps just taking the “higher road” and being kind regardless of how an individual treats you is the way to save yourself from become no different than them. Maybe we need not care if anyone has “the same heart as us” but protect ourselves from becoming just like them. Ultimately, you never know when your words might be the words to change someone for better – or for worse.